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Hi all!

Welcome to my new blog wanderlustwanderlove!

Some of you may have skipped over from my old blog thoughtsandall, but if you haven’t and know absolutely nothing about me I will use this first post to give you a chance to get to know me a little and find out what this blog will be about.

My name is Georgia, I’m 24 and I’m from Brighton in England. I’m currently living in a ski resort village called Montgenevre in the French Alps. I came out here around two years ago to work for five months during the ski season and I returned last winter to do a similar thing, however this year was my first summer – and now autumn – living out here. At the moment I’m working as an English language teacher and I previously taught mainly in Italy including at a camp near Rome this summer, but currently I teach mostly Russian and Japanese students online which is a lot of fun.

Walking in the Snow

I absolutely love travelling but I understand too well the different barriers that can get in the way, the biggest one of course is being able to find the money! However, the freedom that comes with travelling and the benefits of blogging and getting to keep my own travel diary that I can reflect on for years to come is enough to motivate me to keep working hard. I’m incredibly grateful that right I’m based in one of the most beautiful places in Europe right and I’m able to explore several different countries which are all within several hours (or in Italy’s case, 2km (!)) driving distance. This winter I will be blogging as I explore the different ski resorts in the Alps and hopefully taking some short breaks into some new Italian cities for me: Venice and Florence. 

Walking in Montgenevre

I was lucky enough to get to study in the US for a year on exchange while I was at university and I was able to get to visit lots of amazing places whilst I was out there including, New York, Washington DC, Florida and Chicago. It is – and always has been – my favourite country to go on holiday, and I can’t wait to get back out there and visit new places on the East Coast and explore the Pacific North West as soon as my funds will allow it! In my more immediate future I’m currently in the middle of my application for an IEC visa for Canada for next summer and I plan to head out to Vancouver for a few months (or maybe more!) to work and explore this beautiful region.  
Brooklyn Bridge

Despite my (obvious) love of travel its definitely not my only passion and it won’t be the only thing you see on this blog. I love books, tv and films so expect to see reviews and recommendations of these as well hear about my daily life with my boyfriend and cat, as well as my ongoing long and painful struggle to learn the French language!


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